Marketing Strategies For 2019

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Technology keeps evolving and we all need to keep up with the latest trends to make sure that we develop successful marketing tactics. Here are a few trends that will affect our marketing strategies in 2019.

Video consumption is not expected to slow down. As more social platforms invest in video content, marketers are investing in video to engage their audience. Start spending more time on analyzing the best types of video that work for your audience. Bite-sized videos may work on social media, but what if your audience is still interested in watching longer videos? Video ads are also another trend to try out, either to increase awareness or even to drive conversions.

Many successful marketing strategies rely on data to justify their tactics. A data-driven marketing strategy can help you learn more about your audience to improve your tactics and your future campaigns. More specifically, it can help you improve your customer experience with the use of personalization or it can even help you create more effective ads to reach the right audience.

Stories make the next big trend in social media marketing. They are already engaging enough to encourage more marketers to try them out and they will become even more popular in 2019. Brands are using Stories to prove their authenticity with behind the scenes content, fun polls, countdowns or engaging videos that can also involve their followers.

Smart companies are leveraging mobile cameras to improve their customer experience. Through VR and AR, you can improve brand engagement and help with pre-purchase decisions by bringing your products to life. By allowing customers to engage in more profound ways through immersive experiences, they are better equipped to find what they are looking for and be delighted in doing so.

Search is evolving beyond its text-only origins, meaning that visual and voice search deserve serious consideration now. Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest have all jumped into the fray, and it’s only going to get bigger over time. Voice search also continues to grow as a way for consumers to find more information without even having to lift a finger. Domino’s has done well here, teaming up with Amazon Echo to let customers order pizza hands-free.

With the shift from desktop to mobile a consistent digital marketing consideration, it should come as no surprise that mobile video ads continue to be hot. What’s new, however, is the movement towards more vertical video. Instagram’s recent introduction of IGTV continues this trend, allowing users to create long-form vertical videos. By the end of next year, video will account for 80 percent of all internet traffic, making it by far the most dominant form of digital content.

In inbound marketing, the focus is placed on the content that you produce and the value that you are able to offer your customers. The industry is moving in one direction and it is toward higher levels of personalized content production.

Inbound marketing is all about attracting your audience based on the value that you provide, not based on how well you can interrupt their thought processes with an interesting advertisement. It’s a long-term growth strategy that helps to position you for ongoing success.

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