Luxurious Decorating Essentials For Rental Apartments

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We’ve all seen those home improvement shows where an interior designer reinvents a drab living space into a modern getaway oasis. Decorating a rental home might seem complicated, as many landlords probably wonder if they will hit the design that appeals to a wide range of tenants. Creating a look that appeals to everyone might seem like an impossible task, however, no one can say no to a luxuriously furnished hotel room. Using some inexpensive tricks, you can uplift your rental interior to appeal to prospective renters.

Conceal unsightly flooring

Worn out flooring is one of the most common issues with rentals. If a completely new floor is out of the question at the moment, consider a new wall to wall carpet. If that is out of the question as well, invest in decorative area rugs. They are an inexpensive way of adding colour and charm to any room.  If you need to conceal a large wall to wall carpet in a non-neutral colour, choose a large neutral rug that will cover as much of it as possible without making a style clash.

Dress your windows

Changing the windows dressings can make a quick impact with minimal effort. Stowe the original window dressings alway and replace them with curtains or shades in the fabric of your choice. Bamboo Roman shades, for example, are good looking and easy to install. They can be purchased off the shelf at your local home improvement store, and have it even trimmed to your exact window size. Bamboo instalments are guaranteed to add instant warmth to any room.

Refresh bed linens

When mentioning a luxury hotel bedroom, the first thing people think of is the big comfy bed. If you'd like to recreate the hotel feel in your rental, start with the bed makeover. Start off with a new set of sheets that are freshly laundered and pressed. Instead of bothering with thread count, feel the quality of the fabric and iron it with some DIY linen spray with lavender or rose essential oils. To make your own linen refreshing spray, pour a couple of capfuls of vodka into a pint-sized bottle of distilled water and add 20 drops of essential oil.

Reinvent the living room

It's likely that your tenant will spend most of their time in this room, so making them feel relaxed and comfortable is important. Instead of second-hand sofas with pull out beds, consider versatile leather lounge suites, which can now be customized in style and finish to the buyer's needs and wants. Around the lounges, you'll need side tables, a coffee table, and a few understated decorative pieces. Many landlord-stylists make a mistake and fill a rental apartment with just anything. Focus on classic items like succulent plants, books, and metallic figurines.

Get lighting right

Often neglected in rentals, lighting can be improved in more than one way. For example, invest in small but impactful lamps with fun shades that will give the space more personality. Bleak central pendants never create an engaging atmosphere and their only benefit is that they can be removed easily. If you don’t want to bother with dimmer switches, consider lowering the wattage of your bulbs, or even having a few filament bulbs for a romantic evening glow.

Fixtures and fittings

A great way of making a rental property stand out is to change the iron hardware from kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, wardrobe and entrance doors. Iron hardware is like jewellery, capable of turning something simple and ordinary into something special and memorable. Another bonus is they you can eventually take it off and replace with hardware of a different kind. If decorating a beach or resort home, rope drawer and cabinet pulls can give the place a distinctive marine charm.

The apartment you furnish for renting can never be a five-star hotel. Renters don't expect you to leave little bottles of shampoo in the shower every morning, however, some luxury décor will make a nice touch and a reason more to get someone excited about signing a lease.