List Your Place For Rent With AirRentalz

The AirRentalz platform is unique to the short-term and holiday rental market as we have created a place for hosts to truly collaborate.

When you list your place for rent with AirRentalz, we connect you with local businesses and brands.

You can partner with great brands and service providers to deliver more to your guests.

No different to Amazon, who bring together buyers and sellers, AirRentalz connects hosts with your local businesses, brands and other service providers to deliver guests with great experiences.

The AirRentalz platform ensures its a win-win for all parties collaborating. Businesses benefit through targeted advertising and an increase in sale.

Hosts, rent their property but also earn adverting income from businesses and brand who you market on your listing.

But most of all, your guests will benefit through offers and discounts which leads to more bookings and great reviews.


Rent You Place

List your place for rent. It's free to start and we only charge you a flat 1% service fee.

Check out our property listing profile here.

Promote Locals

Partner with local and other businesses to promote their services. You will not only receive adverting income and great reviews but your guests can also benefit.

See how we have created a marketing platform for you to use.

Promote Others

Your listing becomes a marketing platform for you and others. We connect you with businesses and brands that will deliver you and your guest's great things.

See how you can promote brands and services and grow your income.

Some Of The Benefits When You List With AirRentalz

Only 1% commission

We are keeping your costs to a minimum with only a 1% service fee on your rental income.

Cheaper for your guests

We make it cheaper and easy for your guests to book with you.

A link to your current profile

We are building greater trust by allowing you to link your existing profile to your listing......only unique to AirRentalz.

The opportunity to make extra money

Our unique affiliate marketing program allows you to not only market your property but also other services and receive a commission for doing so. You could be making money for just listing with us.

Advertise to our members

We advertise your property to our growing database. Want to run a special for our members, we can help you with that also.

Your platform to market

Your listing is your marketing platform. Collaborate with businesses in so many ways and drive the design and functionality of how it operates. We are here for you.