Interior Design Features For Your Vacation Rental

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What is a powerful design feature that gives the biggest punch to getting bookings and repeat bookings in vacation rentals.

People have sex in your vacation rentals and home swaps. Lots of sex. Sometimes it’s all they do in your retreats – have sex, eat a little, have more sex, maybe go out to dinner (at one of your stupendous recommended restaurants), come home and have more sex, go to sleep, wake up in the morning and have sex. Sometimes sex is the reason they come to your vacation rental in the first place.

So embrace it. Plan for it. Design for romance. In other words, give your guests great vacation sex. We are talking about creating a sensuous experience or “atmosphere” in your vacation rental bedrooms. And it’s not hard to do.

The headboard is essential in creating a sense of security, intimacy, and belonging in a bedroom. It is the area in back of a bed. It is most frequently a headboard, but sometimes it’s something suggesting a headboard or back support, such as artwork, a window, a piece of cloth, a niche in the wall or a combination of all of these. Throne backs are most often accomplished by a headboard with perhaps some artwork, a mirror, or other fetching design element above.

Side tables where guests put their things – phones, books, water carafe, eyeglasses, alarm clock . In other words, have some furniture on both sides of the bed – or on one side if the bed is pushed against the wall – for guests’ convenience. Guests find it maddening when there are no bedside tables. Furthermore, the “arms” of the “throne” complete a very regal setup.

Bed linens must be so supremely soft and luscious that your guests will revel in them; literally wrap themselves inside them and not want to leave the bed. There are no alternatives to high quality bed linens. They are a must have. Even if you have everything else figured out perfectly, if you fail here, you will fail utterly and miserably and epically. Do not cheap out here folks! This is where you spend your money. A layering of soft sheets, pillows, and blankets will seduce even the most proper guests into romantic activities.

The mattress must be heavenly, just like the sheets. Have an extremely comfortable mattress in all bedrooms; so comfortable in fact that guests never cease commenting on it. Pampering the back is perhaps the most important design element in any vacation rental. Period. But this especially applies to guest sex. If your guests’ spines aren’t deeply cared for, it puts a big damper on having good sex.

Try to have some lights around the head of the bed, they double as both romantic and task lighting (for reading later). Please avoid compact fluorescent because they make people look ugly. Instead, go for equally efficient LED light bulbs with a color temperature of around 2700K. Higher color temperatures (3000K plus) emit a cooler light and we definitely don’t want “cool” in the bedroom; it is inhibiting. Need we say more?

Make sure to have some remote controlled candles in your romantic vacation rental bedroom. I do not suggest real candles because of fire hazards; the remote controlled ones are really snazzy these days and guests love them. Make sure to get good, dependable ones though; otherwise, guests are going to be irritated.

Every romantic bedroom needs a little bit of red. Just a little bit. It can be anything – a book, a vase, some red flowers, a coverlet, a pillow, you name it. Colour studies confirm that red stimulates sexual appetite, so this is key in your vacation retreat bedrooms. Look at the following examples:

Put a soft rug beside the bed. A plush rug’s feel on the foot is like very light foot massage every time your guests get in and out of bed. When the feet are cared for like this, people relax all over and relaxation is an essential component of great sex. Even in warmer weather vacation rentals, such as those found in tropical areas, I still suggest rugs; however get the flat-weave variety. They will serve to cushion the feet against the hardness of the floor. The body is always looking for a soft transition from bed world to real world and the rug serves as a psychological transit area.

A team of researchers at Rutgers discovered in a 10-month study that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants expressed “true” or “excited” smiles upon receiving flowers, demonstrating extraordinary delight and gratitude. This reaction was universal, occurring in all age groups.

So remember, including a few romantic touches within your design will go a long way for happy and repeat guests.

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