How To Use a Blog Post to Improve Traffic To Your Rental Listing

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Blog posts that specifically use a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and get customers to visit your page. When you optimize your web pages -- including your blog posts -- you're making your website more visible to people who are entering keywords associated with your product or service via search engines like Google.

Optimizing your blog posts for keywords is not about incorporating as many keywords into your posts as possible. A good rule of thumb is to focus on one or two long-tail keywords per blog post. While you can use more than one keyword in a single post, keep the focus of the post narrow enough to allow you to spend time actually optimizing for just one or two keywords. These longer, often question-based keywords keep your post focused on the specific goals of your audience.

There are four essential places where you should try to include your keywords: title tag, headers & body, URL, and meta description.

The title (i.e., headline) of your blog post will be a search engine's and reader's first step in determining the relevancy of your content, so including a keyword here is vital.

Mention your keyword at a normal cadence throughout the body of your post and in the headers. That means including your keywords in your copy, but only in a natural, reader-friendly way. Don't go overboard at the risk of being penalized for keyword stuffing.

Search engines also look to your URL to figure out what your post is about, and it's one of the first things it'll crawl on a page. You have a huge opportunity to optimize your URLs on every post you publish, as every post lives on its own unique URL -- so make sure you include your one to two keywords in it.

Your meta description is meant to give search engines and readers information about your blog post's content -- so be certain to use your long-tail term so Google and your audience are clear on your post's content.

The URL structure of your web pages (which are different from the specific URLs of your posts) should make it easy for your visitors to understand the structure of your website and the content they're about to see. Search engines favor web page URLs that make it easier for them and website visitors to understand the content on the page.

Publishing blog posts is a very logical and natural way to update your page frequently, which is a signal to search engines that it’s being taken care of and is a good place to send web users. A new blog post even every couple of weeks will show those ‘bots that things are happening.

Given the above, how can you use a blog to drive more traffic to your listing. Firstly, AirRentalz allows all hosts to post on our blog page. We will then publish the post on our Facebook page also and may also boost your post. Your post can include a link to your property listing on AirRentalz which will drive traffic to your listing page.

Topic can be about your location. Local things to see and do etc. This will help people to understand what is around you. You can also partner with a local business and create a blog post about their businesses but also incorporate your listing as a link within the post. Why not start today and submit a post about your location and why stay at your place and we will link that back your listing with us.

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