How to Reinvigorate a Poolside on Your Rental Property

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Swimming pools have become an immensely popular choice for rental homes in the past couple of decades. Hover above any neighbourhood on Google Maps, and you’ll see the backyards dotted with azure shapes of all sizes. Although these water features have a long service life, they could use a makeover every 10 years or so – whether to keep up with the natural surroundings, different tastes or new upgrades that become available over time. Here’s how to bring your poolside to life.

Spa add-on

Perhaps the most game-changing renovation idea, adding a spa belongs to so called ‘kit renovations’. Manufacturers are offering a large variety of roto-moulded spa kits that can be installed right next to your pool. The spa water spills over into the pool, which makes it much less expensive than a portable spa which needs its own spill drain. These spas sit a few inches above the pool deck so they are easy to clean and keep covered when not in use. Add some deck planters on both sides of the spa to create a more intimate atmosphere.

LED pool lights

Another pool upgrade that is very popular can reinvent your pool 180 degrees. For a long time, underwater lighting depended on relatively unreliable incandescent bulbs that not only generated heat, but also lasted much shorter than the solutions we have today. As these iconic bulbs were phased out in home lighting, pool renovators turned to halogens and fibre optics. But they’re history as well. Low-power LED pool lights  come in many colours and some of them can even change colour at different settings. Apart from their long service life, they are extremely energy-effective so this can be considered a green upgrade.

New coat of liner

Whether your pool liner is showing its age or you’ve grown tired of the basic blue layer the pool came with, replacing it with a fresh coat of durable swimming pool paint is one of the simplest, yet most effective kit renovation projects. All the work can be done within a day, and you can also use the opportunity to check the walls for damage. New paint formulas available today are highly resistant to impact, abrasion, fungus, bacterial growth, acids, alkalis and pool chemicals.

G-force slide

These slides are exciting game-changers for both kids and adults. Just a weekend-project away, the G-Force 2 Pool slide comes with its DIY installation kit, which includes concrete deck anchors, plumbing and hardware. Their 360 degree design guarantees a fast and fun ride, while the proprietary Zoom Flume water delivery system supplies 130 litres per minute of water flow. Before you purchase, though, check the installation manual as some slides need to deliver in a specified safe depth, as well as to determine a footprint of the slide.

Pool deck remodel

Apart from giving your pool a tremendous facelift, a new deck will also impact the entire yard. Far from slip-resistant broom finished concrete used through much of the last century, pool builders today are relying on a variety of paver designs that are similar in cost to concrete. Natural stone decks are popular as well. Vinyl and fibreglass pools can also benefit from stone or brick coping, so while replacing the deck, you can also re-do the coping. You can even install a cantilevered deck which seems to float above the pool walls, which makes the coping redundant.

Poolside fire pit

With all the wood, stone and glass around your pool, which element is missing? Landscaping fire features such as wood or natural gas fire pits, tiki torches and fire bowls have found their place on the poolside, where they not only warm the crisp night air, but provide a unique romantic ambience to your evening dip. This upgrade is perfect for the people who like spending time outdoors, even when the temperature drops a degree or two.

Pool renovations like these are investments that will not only make your rental property more appealing to potential guests, but also increase its value. Although in some cases the cost of renovation might seem as high as the installation itself, unless your reinvent your pool every 10-15 years, it will lose its charm and slowly deteriorate. These ideas are guaranteed to bring your poolside toe to toe with new trends.

by Lillian Connors

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