How to Promote your Vacation Rental

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Just like a hotel, there are various ways to promote your listing.

Going social
Facebook and Instagram are the heroes in the lifestyle space when promoting your place. Why? Likes and comments can put your property or space in the spotlight and fast. For a start, by having an online presence on these platforms and using the right hashtags and location tags, you can get your listing in front of people that are travel planning. Giving potential guests an impression of the property will persuade them to check it out.
By inviting your guests to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your social media pages, you are more likely to build a positive connection with them. Staying in touch regularly with guests and dealing with queries efficiently through your Facebook and Instagram page also increases the chance of repeat bookings. provides you with the ability to include social media within your listing.

Content: what to share
Start with your listing, you can share beautiful pictures of the interiors, each room in detail and just overall features. This can then blend into a neighborhood guide and you can add a guide to the area and photos of local places you love. Again, it doesn’t just have to be pictorial, it’s good to have some written content too, be it a short blurb or a blog on the area. If doing a local guide, make sure to hand-pick some authentic places as guests are looking for the real experience. Why not share your experience with us at

Facebook is the way forward
Social media needs to be streamlined and effective when promoting your AirRentalz listing, it’s an essential part of marketing your property and should not be overlooked. Facebook has a huge potential reach and so smart hosts should have a separate Facebook page (not a profile!) for their listing and promote to friends, family and the general public. For lifestyle, Facebook still has a strong footing when making content reach the masses, people go on to plan their leisure pursuits and see what’s new in the travel world, so this should be maxed out. Provide striking photos and snappy, factual content about the listing and never forget to write a brilliant headline, like we mentioned in our previous posts.

Facebook and Instagram may go hand-in-hand but Instagram definitely takes the lead for marketing homes with beautiful photos of them. The power of home and lifestyle photography can be startling, with people dreaming of their next inspirational getaway. If your listing is design-led, even better, get Instagramming and sharing, just think of it like the digital pages of Vogue Living.

By using the right hashtags, you stand a chance to be noticed by bigger accounts and publications. If you consistently post high-quality engaging content, chances of being ‘reposted’ are high, putting your listing in front of a huge audience


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