How to Make Your Home Remodeling Eco-Friendly

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Whether you remodel your home in order to fix something, or simply to add to it appeal, you’ll want to invest as little as possible with the best result you can get. However, the financial aspect of remodeling shouldn’t be your only concern. If you can remodel your home or rental property in an eco-friendly way, then by all means, you should, and here are some tips on how to do it.

How to Make Your Home Remodeling Eco-Friendly


If you really want to live in a green home, you should make sure everything in it is energy-efficient. You can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling your home by installing high-performance windows, or by going with ceiling fans instead of air conditioners, if possible. Think about replacing your old appliances with the new, energy-efficient ones, and investing in photovoltaic panels that will generate power from the sun, supplying your home with the necessary energy. Even if you think that the initial investment in a solar home power system is a significant one, it will pay itself back within five years or so, since you’ll save tons on your electric bills.


People often waste water without thinking twice, but it’s a valuable natural resource and if you want to save water and your money, you can opt for low flow shower heads, as well as toilets that require less water for flushing. Unlike the regular toilets, which use a little over 6l of water per flush, you can get the ones that use only half of that, but with just as powerful flushes as the standard toilets. There are also some energy- and water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines on the market, which are a smart investment that can really pay off in the long run. Make sure that your pipes are in order, and in case they start to leak, search for reliable 24/7 emergency plumbing so that your pipes get fixed the same day.


Used materials

Yes, buying new things can feel amazing, but so can buying used materials, since you’re doing your huge share in caring for your environment while saving money. You won’t make a mistake if you invest in a cooker, a fridge or a TV that have been in use for a few years since they can serve you for far longer than that. The same applies to used furniture since you can refurbish it and make it look brand new. Besides, vintage pieces can give a more personal touch to your home appearance. Furthermore, if you decide against demolition when remodeling, you can even reuse some of your own old materials, including cabinets, fixtures, and even bricks and tiles if you’re careful. Plus, you’ll avoid creating clutter and debris, which can sometimes be serious pollutants and will eventually end up piling up in some already overloaded landfill.


Volatile organic compounds, or VOC, are something you want to go without since they release harmful molecules in your home and consequently the environment. When you breathe them in, they can cause severe health issues, ranging from headaches, irritation to your nose, throat or eyes, to liver and kidney damage, and even cancer. Other than in products like gasoline and glue, VOCs are usually found in traditional paint, so when you decide to remodel, make sure you look for greener, VOC-free or low-VOC options, which won’t pollute your indoor air, but rather keep it fresh for you throughout your remodeling and for years after it.

Your home can be a safe and beautiful place for you and your family to live in, as long as you think ahead and start making smart moves towards eco-friendly solutions to all your home-related problems. So, whenever the need for renovating arises, make sure that anything you do to update your home turns into a few steps closer to green living, which should be the goal for all of us.

By Amelia Atkins

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