How to Get Millennial’s to Book Your Property

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Millennials travel more than any other demographic. On average, they take 35 days of vacation each year, and they’re also bucking the trend by increasing their annual travel spend as other generations intend to be more conservative with their cash. As it turns out, OTAs are the ones benefiting the most from this lucrative market segment: studies show that over half of Millennials book through OTAs.  Adding to the challenge, Millennials are also generally averse to traditional loyalty programs, making it harder to retain their business once won.

In the following we will outline specific ways Millennial's research, browse and book their trips. Millennials do a lot of initial research on their smartphone. According to a leisure travel study from Google, around two-thirds are comfortable planning their entire trip on a smartphone—compared to around one-third of those aged 35 and older. This mobile-first mindset means having a mobile presence should be considered an absolute necessity. How does your own mobile experience stack up? It’s worth giving it a thorough road test to identify possible weaknesses.We recommend optimizing your room and photo information.

These two elements are sought out above all else as people research their plans. To that end, make sure your photos are optimized for mobile so they’re easy to view and navigate on a smaller screen. Once a Millennial is excited about your place, you can bet they’ll cross-check your property with feedback and comments from other travelers. When planning and researching a trip, 49% of this group consult a review site, and 89% plan travel activities based on content posted by their peers.

To capitalize on this social behavior, the importance of having a strong social presence can’t be overstated. Instagram and Facebook are especially influential: 87% of Millennial Facebook users say they use the site for travel inspiration, while 40% report ‘Instagrammability’ as the most important factor when they choose their destination. Video content is also influential with Millennial's.

Millennial's have become expert deal hunters on the web. According to a study commissioned by Expedia, almost 90% search for a deal before making a final booking. Ensure that your rates (and any special deals you’re running) are prominently displayed, immediately showing that you’re offering the best deal. Also, be sure that the information you provide is easy to compare to other sites.

If you want to encourage guests to post their own content on your listing page, you could offer incentives. To spread the word, be sure to promote your Facebook Page or hashtag around the property. There’s been plenty written about the importance of Millennial travelers, and for good reason. Overall, they still represent the most valuable demographic to the industry in terms of the amount they travel and spend each year.

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