How to Clean Your Clothes While Camping

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Have you ever wondered how to wash your clothes while camping? Camp laundry isn’t really a concern for weekend campers, but it’s definitely something that those on long camping trips are concerned about.

Even though one of the best parts of camping is getting dirty, there’s no denying how nice it feels to wear clean clothes at the end of a long day. Obviously, your best bet is to find a campground with dedicated laundry facilities. However, this limits you to certain campsites, excluding most free camping and undeveloped areas. Here are the three best ways to do laundry while camping (without washing facilities):

Fill a plastic bowl or bucket with water (warm water heated on your campfire is best). Add a little detergent and then add in your clothing. Scrub away with your hands, give the clothing a quick rinse with clean water, and then hang to dry.

Trash Bag
Do your camp laundry with the trash bag method. Place your clothes in a clean garbage bag with some soap and water. Jostle the bag around (similar to a washing machine’s spin cycle), rinse with clean water, and hang to dry.

Portable Laundry System
If you have a set base camp, a portable laundry system is undoubtedly the most efficient way to wash clothes while camping. The Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag is a lightweight way to quickly wash your clothes while camping.

Never use normal detergent when doing your camp laundry. Always select an eco-friendly detergent. Like always, What’s your favorite way to wash your clothes while camping? Do you have any other wilderness laundry tips?


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