How Hosts Can Personalise Their Guest Experience

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A host personalization of service is the key to create an unforgettable experience for guests. A personalized experience goes beyond the kind of amenities you have at your place. What makes for a great guest experience is an important subject? From mum and dad hosts to motel and hotel owners competing against each other need to set themselves apart from the competition. This is a surefire way to gain repeat guests and position your property right.

With advancements in technology, you can sell your guest experience to keep travelers engaged while at your property. Guest personalization for hosts goes beyond addressing your guest by a name.

An immersive experience holds value even for guests who prioritize hotel bookings over the pricing factor. Guest personalization in the hotel industry is therefore the buzzword that continues to dominate the US market this year. This is no longer an option – it is mandatory for independent hotels to deliver personalized experiences. It is anticipated that our digital universe would have grown by 2020*. (From 4.4. Zettabytes today to 44 zettabytes.) You shouldn’t really be worried about the shortage of guest data. According to a report by Google, guests are showing preference to book on their smartphones (79%) which also indicates the need to adopt technologies to reach your target group across the globe.

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Ways to Personalize your Guest Experience

Know your guests.

Find out what they want. Chances are, you’ll have all your answers. You need to use various methods to deliver a fantastic hotel customer experience using the right ideas, tools, and technologies.

1) Before the stay: Targeted advertisements are best suited for potential guests. Your content and marketing communication must be relevant and should drive them to your site.

2) During the stay: Recommend activities or services as per the preferences of the guest (Outdoor activity for adventure-seeking travellers.)

3) After the stay: Send automated emails that ask relevant questions to check if their stay was satisfactory, ordinary or beyond expectations.

Focus on every opportunity to use your data, know your guest better and provide a personalized experience that creates a lasting impression. Different travellers have varied priorities and preferences. It’s relevant communication that makes the difference.

Make the personal connect

A personal connect is important for guest personalization. While smart technologies simplify the process, engaging people with a warm and welcoming behaviour will always make a strong impression. The personal touch is the heart and soul of the hospitality industry.

Use the personal connect to develop a strong trust-based relationship and seek feedback. Don’t wait for the stay to get over, ask questions even during the stay.

For Hotel operators the above should be part of their business model, however for us single hosts who may have a room or the whole house for short term rental this may seem impossible. AirRentalz understands that repeat business is great business and one of the ways to obtain that is to deliver your guests with great personalised experiences.

The transformational-travel guest experience. This trend is one that reflects a new philosophy of travel, the next stage in the evolution of experiential travel, called “transformational travel.” The travelers behind this trend are seeking self-reflection and development in their travels, to connect with humanity and the natural kingdom, and to return home changed, with shifted perspectives and a deeper understanding of the world they inhabit.

Hosts who support their guests to meet these requirements are the ones that may obtain great reviews. Hosts should be designing guest experiences that enable travellers to challenge themselves and to engage with the local community and in conservation efforts. This can mean anything from offering an off-the-grid meditation retreat to facilitating dinner and entertainment. These guest experiences are the antidotes to mindless indulgences and the mindset that the value of their stay lies in the Instagram posts generated from it.