How Food Can Bring People Together

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Coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world. Being able to make a dish and share that with the people you love is one of the most universal concepts because it’s at the root of our survival. We all have to eat, and being able to learn how to make a recipe from you’re your grandparents is one of the oldest traditions of mankind.

Sharing food with others brings a wealth of benefits. These moments help us make friends, find love and end hostility. Breaking bread together is a way to remove barriers and helps us explore new cultures and build stronger relationships when we socialise. The Mediterranean lifestyle, for example, focuses on sharing meals with the people you love, whether it’s just to catch-up over a simple dinner or partaking in a massive celebration. It’s believed to lead to a much happier, healthier life.

Connecting: Talking about the day is a perfect way to stay connected with members of your family. A sit-down dinner allows you to chat and find out what’s going on in each person’s life. This connectedness is good for wellbeing, with a study showing a link between the frequency of family meals and children’s nutritional health.

Sharing Culture: Food is a great vehicle for sharing culture with people from different backgrounds. One of the great advantages of a big celebration-type meal is that it’s a simple way to introduce your loved ones to new dishes from different cultures. Whenever you’re hosting a party, encourage your guests to bring a traditional dish – one that means something to them.

Think about it – most holidays or family gatherings include a meal that is served every year. Food is tied to tradition; food is tied to memories, and many people don’t realize the importance of food as a way to bring people together. In fact, food is so ingrained in our social landscape that it’s hard to imagine any kind of gathering without it. From holidays to a summer barbecue to meeting friends for lunch, to family dinners, food is almost always involved, often serving as the main attraction. Even holidays and key family traditions can center around certain meals and foods. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without turkey, just as Christmas wouldn’t be the same without ham for many families.

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