How Can Your Business Work with Local Hosts

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The travel industry has seen many changes in the past decade including a rise in the number of vacation rentals all over the world. With online platforms like AirRentalz, VRBO, Airbnb and Home Away, more and more travellers are opting to stay in alternative accommodations instead of the standard hotel or hostel. Since this trend shows no signs of stopping, hospitality, tour and activity operators should not ignore the potential of this alternative distribution channel.

1. Do your homework
You will need to spend time researching your local area to find holiday rental hosts near you. Once you’ve identified the people who operate in your area and who you’d like to work with, craft out a great introductory message. Be sure to introduce yourself, your company and include the details of your product offering. You want to come across as professional and trustworthy. Feel free to include your website’s address, your social media accounts and your email address so that they can get in touch with you.

2. Introduce the host to your business
We know that word of mouth marketing is one of the best way for you to grow your business and having your business recommended by locals could do wonders for your company. Why not turn locals in your area into your very own brand ambassadors by bringing giving them the opportunity to see what you offer.
You could even work with these vacation rental operators to figure out additional offerings you could provide their customers.

3. Offer hosts a referral commission
A great way to incentivise hosts is to promote your business is by offering them a referral commission. Of course the percentage of commission you offer is up to you but if they’re going to be putting effort into helping your business grow, you should consider offering them some sort of payment for long-term sustainability instead of solely relying on their good will.

4. Provide them with an good supply of updated brochures
Just like you would promote your tours and activities through a hostel and hotel, the same rules apply here. Make sure you’ve got brochures to pass on to your new found partners. It is the simplest form of marketing. All you need to do is prepare the brochure and get the vacation rental operators to lay it out on a table. What could be easier?

If you a photographer or offer cleaning and linen services then sign up today for free and get connected to hosts in your area.


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