Home Decorating Trends of 2018

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We all have a certain style that we like to be surrounded by. Whether it’s vintage or 70’s colors, we all have different tastes. Yes year after year, we keep our eyes peeled on the magazines and influencers to see what are going to be next year’s hottest trends. Perhaps what we’re looking for is inspiration, and maybe we just want to know what we’ll be seeing a lot of in stores and plan ahead if we want to do a remodel. Well, enough of 2018 has passed for us to know what is in these seasons, and what is not, so let’s jump straight into the current biggest trends in interior design of 2018.


We live in a modern time where computers are all around us. And while connectivity might sound like a cool term for a high-tech house, it’s actually referring to a color palette that takes inspiration out of the modern world around us. Digital colors such as shades of blue and green, yellows and oranges all fit into this description. Of course, a certain color scheme brings its own furniture rules with it, and let’s just say, an electric blue Victorian couch is hard to imagine. Block furniture and décor that brings to mind pixels on a screen is what the look is going for.

Smart homes

As we are moving towards a more and more accessible, comfortable and sustainable future, housing isn’t far behind at all. Things that once required physical labor are not done with a click on your phone. Cleaning windows, dimming the lights, locking or unlocking the doors and similar small actions are all now automatized, allowing us a lot more freedom. Smart homes aren’t just the ones that are newly built, either. Plenty of older homes are being redone to keep their old, natural charm, but have all the modern amenities.

Clean and bright

One of the biggest pluses that people look for in an apartment is the amount of natural light. In a dark and broody apartment, it’s more than easy to get depressed, have an unstable sleep schedule and generally not live as good of a life. But no matter what your space looks like, you can get some light, brightness and air in it by having light curtains that don’t block the sunlight even when they block the view, opening your windows often and having the best whole house air purifier you can find, because the air we breathe has so much to do with our mood and our health. Ventilating your apartment regularly to get fresh air is also a part of how your apartment feels décor-wise. You should also be leaning towards lighter colors, especially in small spaces, with perhaps one boldly colored wall to draw attention.


Let’s not forget about minimalism. There is a very good reason why this trend is not only a phase, but actually here to stay. It’s because minimalism, at its core, isn’t about decorating the space, nor is it about the way things look. It’s a lifestyle that encourages you to throw away the things you don’t care for anymore and that are just taking up space. And this is a product of the fact that cities are getting more and more populated, and living spaces are getting smaller, so people need a way to keep things in order and easy to clean. But there was a slight change in the minimalism style, and that’s the shape of it, which is now far less structured and free-flowing, as opposed to the clean-cut rigid minimalism of the past few years.

Cozy nooks

When you have a space that is quite cold, professional and rigid, it can seem a bit unwelcoming, and spending a lot of time there can certainly stress you out. So, to make sure you are enjoying the space you’re spending your time in, be it an office or a living room, use up corners and otherwise dead spaces to create cozy nooks where you can unwind, relax, read or meditate. It will help you feel better about the space, and it will create a more casual style, which people are appreciating more and more, especially in a foreign place. You can use this idea in businesses like cafes, libraries, and any place where you want people to feel welcome and relaxed, even if they aren’t the one using the nooks.

It’s important to remember that all styles are just there to inspire you, and not to enslave you. There is no need to religiously stick to one style that you came up with fifty years ago, but you don’t have to jump onto every new bandwagon either. Simply pick and choose pieces of styles you like and have them all come together to create your unique style, because that’s what home decoration is all about.

by Diana Smith

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