The New Way to Book Short Term & Holiday Accommodation

Our platform is new, bold and different

We are doing more with our hosts to provide you with better experiences, offers, and benefits when booking with AirRentalz.


No booking fees

For a limited time, we are offering zero booking fees for guests when they book via the platform.

Receive discount offers

Our hosts can partner with businesses and brands to deliver you discounts on dining and other experiences you can book.

Deal directly with hosts

We are here to connect you to great hosts and not stand in the middle if that is what you prefer.

Review what others are saying

As we are new we still want you to understand your host so we provide you access to their other listings on other platforms.

Be part of our loyalty program

Our loyalty program rewards guests through discounts, special offers, and free accommodation.

Special offers

Receive special offers from our hosts and their partner's. We are delivering more for a host to provide guests with greater experiences.


Our platform fosters hosts to partner with local businesses to deliver you great experiences.

Tangible experiences

Hosts are partnering with great brands and products to deliver you tangible experiences.


Collaborations are unique to the AirRentalz platform

No other platform allows hosts to truly partner with other businesses. Our platform provides hosts the opportunities to collaborate.

They can connect with great brands or businesses of their choice and develop clever and creative partnerships.

 All of this delivers you with greater experiences.

Be part of the sharing economy

We bring hosts together with local and other businesses. Guests can also leave reviews about great local places you find.

Share your experiences

Post your travel adventure photos, videos & stories on the feed or ask other travellers for tips and advice.

Share more with others

When you are out with the local's reward businesses that delivered you a great experience. Share your great local experiences for other travellers.

Stay updated

Tell us where you are travelling next and we will deliver you great places to stay and play.

Our platform is truly unique in many ways.

Tailored experiences are all about hosts working with other complementary service providers. By working together, hosts can provide tailored experiences for you as their guest.

Our platform is designed to foster a sharing economy. Hosts work with others to provide you as guests benefits such as discounts, offers and other complimentary services.

We are partnering hosts with great brands to deliver guests tangible experiences.

Our hosts can promote great products and brands to you. You can benefit by receiving free or discounted goods.

We foster a sharing economy where hosts can collaborate to deliver you even more.