Harnessing Technology to Deliver Tailored Guest Experiences

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Smart personalization is hard to do well in the travel industry. That’s why today’s best-in-class brands start with the fundamentals: gathering the right customer data and building the right technology stack to handle it.

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to the travel customer experience. Thanks to a growing volume of data collected from every customer touch point, and increasingly advanced analytics, today’s travel brands have all the information and tools they need to make their products and communications more meaningful than ever before.

Personalising the traveler journey begins with understanding traveler behavior and predicting what they will need even before they begin the booking process. Personalisation can assist with designing the ideal journey for an individual or family, from hotels to car-hire to on-trip activities. A personalised journey affords him and his family stress-free travel experience that’s perfectly suited to their preferences and shows the potential of using past traveler behaviour to offer truly unique travel products and services.

Travelers are becoming increasingly savvy and customer reviews are just one way for them to express their views on a trip and to analyse the pros and cons of any destination they wish to travel to. By analysing what travelers are saying, travel players can use this user generated content to tailor and personalise their services to allow for a more satisfactory travel experience.

With the explosive growth of big data in the travel industry today, AirRentalz looks at the opportunities big data analytics and new technologies hold to understand the traveler better and to personalise their travel experience. Big data offers key differentiation opportunities via in-depth analysis of traveler, market and industry data to ensure a truly unique journey.

Personalised travel is a growing need amongst travelers in APAC, they are actively seeking out unique and tailored travel experiences. Travel intelligence and the opportunities of big data are endless particularly in the realm of competitive differentiation and personalisation.

The travel industry is in constant need to adapt to the increasing demand for personalisation. The way offers are presented, the need for instant replies at any time of the day, and new ways to search and book are affecting travel patterns. Travel companies must evolve to give travelers faster and more accurate answers so they can create their own unique travel experiences.

Through the integration of various applications, AirRentalz offers their partners the opportunity to utilize their services which offer greater personalization of the guest experience from the time they begin their research to the time they search for their next holiday destination.