Green Home Renovating Tips

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The unpredictability of weather conditions and the erratic fluctuations in the overall state of the planet are solid proofs that human impact on the environment is detrimental and, above all else, we are our own biggest victims. The question is – what are you going to do about it? The philosophy that “one man cannot change the world” is reasonable enough, but the mountain is built stone by stone, and if you feel the need to contribute to the betterment of your environment, here are some green home renovation tips that you can use at home or your short-term or holiday rental.

Solar panels

Solar panels are not a passing fad. They have truly become a viable and practical addition to households. As renewable and clean sources of energy, they utilize the natural power that surrounds us and which can never be depleted – the sun. However, there are two issues people tend to have with solar panels – price and maintenance. They are quite a big investment and, considering they are usually laid bare under the clear sky, there is a constant danger that they might get damaged by weather conditions. However, with additional covers which serve as protection and beneficial financial packages solar installers have created in cooperation with banks, they have truly become a widespread renovation project.

Go smaller

If you are thinking about building additional facilities for your home, rethink this strategy. Even if you have a lot of room to spare, think about what sort of impact this can have on your average resource spending (water and electricity) before you decide whether you truly need this addition. If you decide to go for it, think about functionality and size and be precise. Purchase reclaimed materials, no matter the shape and size, and use measuring stop systems to cut and customize them for a perfect fit. Every inch counts. After all, considering the state of the biosphere at the moment, keeping your place manageable and cost-effective is important for people of all financial backgrounds. Size as a symbol of luxury simply cannot enter the household equation anymore.

Overhaul your lighting

Renovation doesn’t have to be invasive. When it comes to going green, a large-scale overhaul of your light grid can make a drastic impact and you won’t need any help from professionals whatsoever. Whether you have decided to utilize LED or CFL lighting (though LED is safer and less toxic) you are guaranteed to see drastic reductions in the size of your electricity bills. These lights not only save energy, they also utilize at least 90% of it for lighting. LED lights are especially known for not overheating, which is an important factor if the summers in your part of the world get smoldering hot and you need to use AC units to cool down your home.

A matter of building materials

If building green is your designated frame of thinking, then it would be smart if you started using eco-friendly materials for all your future renovations and household endeavors. This is where the aforementioned reclaimed materials come into the spotlight – look for retailers who deal in reclaimed wood, recycled glass and natural products which were recycled before and pay a good, professional builder and/or engineer to customize them for you. In the end, when your renovation is finished and you are left with extra residue, recycle it yourself – you will almost certainly have materials that can be used by someone else in their own green home renovations. Become part of the cycle in “recycling”.

These tips might not be the drastic tools that can help you change the world, but they are a good starting point for an elegant, slow-trickle impact on your immediate environment and an ease on your conscience. Every renovation is a chance that brims with potential and excitement, and by going green, you are setting a positive example for people around you – something that might actually reverberate and create a large-scale effect.

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