Glamping in Western Australia

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Yes, glamping is a thing and due to our amazing coastlines, ease of access to our beautiful national parks, forests and bushlands glamping is starting to take over Western Australia.

For those that don’t know what glamping is its ‘glamorous camping = glamping’. When you are glamping there is no such thing as sharing a small flimsy tent on a blowup mattress in an uncomfortable zip-up sleeping bag – we are talking spacious pre-built tents, comfy beds and plush pillows.

Margaret River
Instead of a tent, you sleep under a transparent dome, so you can enjoy staring up at the night sky Designed for two people, each dome comes equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, king bed and is attached to a deck area complete with a private spa and barbeque. The whole place is set on a 144-acre estate so you can enjoy the quiet solitude of nature from your speccy dome—and Margaret River’s wineries are only a few minutes away.

Soul Camping
The thing that often puts people off camping is having to pack the car full of everything you’ll need, drive it all to your destination, unpack it, set up your tent and lay out all your camping supplies. This This is why Soul Camping started their biz of going out to wherever you want to camp and set up an amazing bell tent complete with a bed, fresh linen, pillows, side tables, lamps, rugs and an outdoor table and chairs. All you need to do is rock up and then leave again. While they do only service within the Busselton to Margaret River region, they are happy to travel further for an extra fee if you wish.

Deep in the forest at the heart of Warren National Park sits Drafty’s Campsite—a cool, green campsite right on the banks of the Warren River. No planning or extensive packing is necessary, you just pull up and everything is there ready for you—a tent has been set up, there’s a bed in there with fresh sheets, plus barbeque areas and fully-maintained cooking facilities are on-site. There are wineries, restaurants, and galleries all scattered around the area, so instead of wasting time packing and unpacking your carload of camping supplies (the worst), you can spend that time drinking wine instead. Seriously, why has nobody thought of this brilliant concept sooner?

Sal Salis
Ningaloo Reef
Imagine if you could be so entrenched in nature that you wake up to the sounds of birds singing and catch glimpses of whales on Ningaloo Reef—all without having to pack the car full of camping gear. Imagine no more! Sal Salis is a remote beachside safari camp in the dunes of Cape Range National Park, on the shores of Ningaloo Reef, featuring 16 wilderness tents that sit on a raised platform (away from the dangerous insects, thank you) fitted with a jarrah bed, cotton sheets and an en-suite bathroom. Sal Salis also offers communal long table dining with meals prepared by their expert chefs, snorkeling equipment, kayaks and a library full of books—so you literally need to pack nothing.

Ramada Eco Beach Resort
This award-winning eco-resort is about an hour’s drive south of Broome, and provides guests with an unforgettable natural experience, has minimal impact on the environment and your tent is set up ready to go when you get there. Their eco-tents are perfect for those who really want to soak up the natural glory of the Kimberley in all its wonder, while still having a bit of comfort and convenience. Each one has a king bed with amazing ocean views, so you can feel rested and rejuvenated for all the rad activities they offer—like yoga, kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing. Glamping in WA never sounded so good.

Glamping Co
The Glamping Co. have really perfected what is the best idea ever—awesome, comfy, boho tents set up anywhere you want. Their glamping experiences are much like having a hotel room crammed into a tent, which truly makes it the ultimate compromise if you’re a non-camper being forced into a camping situation. Their luxe bohemian bell tents feature five-star hotel beds, super soft linen, rugs, tables, chairs, candles, showers, toilets—and they can even set up power for you.

Eco Retreat
This environmentally friendly retreat and the campground is nestled in the heart of the spectacular Karijini National park. You can really soak it all up by staying in one of their deluxe eco tents—fully equipped with beds, linen, lanterns, fans (because it will get hot out there, guys), a private en-suite bathroom, and an attached outdoor deck area so you can sit and enjoy the starry night sky.

Nomadika Glamping
Nomadika is all about making something special from the otherwise mundane. They’ll come and set up one of their beautiful bell tents wherever you please, from Dwellingup to Yanchep to your own backyard. You’ll get a double bed with all the trimmings, rugs, side tables and a cushioned lounge area for your very own picnic. Speaking of, you can leave the food up to them and add a hamper to your package so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Glamping in Broome is serious business and the super luxurious eco tents at The Billi are a glamper’s dream. Complete with air conditioning, a BBQ, kitchenette and free wifi, we’re not sure this resembles anything even close to camping, but we’re kind of ok with that.

Margaret River Glamping
The guys at Margaret River Glamping will sort you out wherever you might find yourself glamping in WA’s beautiful south-west region. If you’re not sure where to stay, they’ve got a few stunning locations to suggest, or if you find yourself inviting a few too many people down to your Margaret River holiday home, you can get these guys to set up a couple of extra beds for your guests.


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