Designing a Fabulous Outdoor Space for Your Bed and Breakfast

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A beautiful B&B where one can retreat after a long day full of excitement and exploring is essential for a perfect vacation. As a B&B owner, you need to make sure you do everything in your power to provide your customers with a beautiful and comfortable place to relax, enjoy and unwind. This does not only refer to the rooms but also the foyer, the common room and the outdoor area.

A beautiful outdoor space can easily become your USP (unique selling point) as not a lot of B&Bs are lucky enough to have one. Therefore, you need to make sure that your outdoor space is lavishly designed and well-maintained, and that it offers your guests a certain amount of privacy. If you’re not sure how you can do that, we have prepared a few tips that might come in handy. Check them out.

Assess the area

First, you’ll need to assess the amount of room you are working with to determine what you can include in your outdoor space. You can either decide to divide the space into areas that correspond to the number of rooms to offer your guests an additional dose of privacy, or you can create a well-lit outdoor common area where your guests can gather and mingle. Both of these ideas are interesting in their own way, so the choice is up to you entirely.

If you decide to divide

There are numerous ways you can choose to separate your outdoor space into smaller areas, but using various plants is probably the best one. So, choose taller shrubs or even bamboo to visually divide the area and then further decorate each area as you see fit. There are some fine samples of contemporary landscaping in Sydney that demonstrate just how beautiful an outdoor space can actually be, so make sure you do your research beforehand. For some additional pizzazz and a unique touch, you can even decorate each area in a different style or with a different theme in mind. The key is to let your imagination loose and play around with different styles until you find the look you are satisfied with.

If you opt for a common area

If you decide to go with this option, know that there are, again, a few possible solutions. You can either create an outdoor kitchen and dining area or opt for a fun relaxation area.

An outdoor kitchen and dining room will bring your guests closer together because they will be spending more time together while preparing and eating their meals. This option is also good if you’re not located in an extremely urban environment as it will allow your guests to come together and have a party.

A fun, relaxation area can be created by choosing to include anything from a simple, yet stunning fire pit to a luxurious swimming pool. Again, the choice is up to you, but do know that installing and maintaining a swimming pool can be a bit pricey, which may require you to increase your prices in order to be able to generate some ROI.

All in all, having a beautifully decorated outdoor space in your B&B will only be an advantage you have over your competitors, so make sure you research all the possible ways you can make use of it to the max. This way, you’ll provide your guests with a unique experience they will most likely be happy to share with their friends and family. And considering the fact that word-of-mouth recommendations are still very important in the business world, this will only work in your favour.

by Lillian Connors

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