Common Rental Property Issues: Troubleshooting

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If you’re a landlord, then you know just how common rental property issues are: from burst pipes and faulty wiring all the way to water-caused damage and unavoidable breaks. As a landlord, your job is not only to make sure that everything is in top condition but to take care of any necessary repairs as soon as a problem presents itself. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the most common rental property issues, as well as a few ideas on how you can troubleshoot them quickly and efficiently.

Problems with the appliances

Almost all the appliances have so-called “weak spots”, or rather parts that tend to break often. Some of the issues you can fix yourself, but for others, it would be better to call a professional. That’s why you should have trusty people on your speed dial that can come to your aid in a timely manner.

Various water leaks

Water leaks can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. Even the smallest of leaks can significantly impact your rental property, causing mould and mildew to form, among other problems. Therefore, see to it that you take care of the problem as soon as you notice something’s wrong. Here, you should never hire the cheapest but the best contractor for the plumbing system.

Hot water problems

In this day and age, having hot water is basically mandatory, so it’s no wonder that the lack thereof is what a true emergency looks like. However, in most cases, having to take care of a hot-water related problem usually requires calling both a plumber and an electrician. On the other hand, experienced pros, as the guys who own and operate Hot Water Nurse, have both of these professionals on their team that will take care of these issues for you in no time.

The supply line and drain issues

If there are any leaks occurring either in the kitchen or bathroom of your rental property, you should take care of them immediately as well. These issues can be caused either by the supply line being faulty or the drain being clogged. These can easily turn into a true catastrophe if not mended as soon as possible or if handled by an inexperienced person. Therefore, instead of risking it, better call a pro.

Pest-related difficulties

If you are having any problems with unwanted guests such as various bugs and rodents, you need to take care of the issue straight away. Even though this is usually your tenants’ fault caused by the lack of overall hygiene, you can leave it to them to rid your property of pests. So, first hire a pest specialist to take care of those nasty creatures and then educate your tenants on how to avoid the history repeating itself. However, keep in mind that taking care of a single rental unit is not enough to take care f the problem, especially if we’re talking about apartment buildings.

Garbage disposal difficulties

A garbage disposal that’s not working properly can cause many a headache to a landlord, particularly because they tend to break very often. This is usually due to the fact that tenants don’t know or don’t care enough to use them properly. The most common problem with garbage disposals is usually caused by stuck food leftovers which can even damage the motor of the unit completely. Therefore, you should educate your tenants how to use and maintain them properly or get rid of them altogether (not the tenants but the garbage disposals).

Clogged toilets

The messiest and the nastiest problem of them all, a clogged toilet, is extremely unpleasant to experience. However, that’s how it is. So, if you are faced with such a problem, either call a professional or, if you have the stomach for it, get that plunger and get down and dirty, literally.

As a landlord, you’ll likely be faced with some or all of the above-mentioned problems. The key thing is to identify the ones you can take care of yourself and leave the rest to skilled professionals to avoid making an even bigger mess.

by Lillian Connors

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