Clothing Items to Pack When Travelling Light

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Travelling is fun but packing is a very tiring task. It can be made easier by having a light luggage through smart packing, which you can manage without any difficulty wherever you are. Travelling is a beautiful experience, you should not give it up because of the hectic packing that precedes it. Here are some items that you should always carry with you to travel light.

We are often indecisive in choosing one between our most-favourite outfits. So we pack both options ‘just in case’.  You must be fully aware of the nature and style of your vacation and only pack the essential items. You do not need to stuff your bags with unnecessary paraphernalia which may not even be used on your trip. Avoid packing stuff just because you ‘like’ it. Weigh their necessity and utility on your trip. Only pack them if they outweigh the headache of carrying them around.

You should not have a whole different wardrobe combination for every outfit. This will not only lead to a heavy luggage but also make it harder for you to keep track of your stuff and not lose it. Choose the colours that will work with various combinations. Colour-coordinate your whole wardrobe, avoiding too many hues. Go with beiges or browns or blacks mostly. Also, wear the accessories you wish to wear on the trip. That way, you will not have to make another bag for them.

It is always clever to pack layers instead of one big coat or sweater. Layers take up less space than single heavy garments. With huge coats in your bag, you will not have anything else to fit in it and will need to carry more bags. However, you need to make sure you are not leaving important things at home either; one good idea to do that would be to imagine you’re going to stay in a tiny house which will not have much space for your things, that way, you will automatically pack less things. For example, if you are attending a summer wedding, you will need to pack your chic dress with a sexy pair of heels but you will have to make hard choices in another department of your luggage.

Footwear is very heavy and you need to go with the pairs that are necessary and fashionable. If there is a formal event or a special occasion, carry heels but the only other pair should be the casual one which you should be wearing everywhere else. So, just two pairs; one on your feet, one in your bag.

Toiletries include toothpaste, toothbrush, personal hygiene stuff, etc. It is vital to carry your own toiletries but do not go overboard with them. Make sure you know exactly for how long you will be staying on your trip. Once you know this, you can pack your toiletries in the right amount or else you will just take extra stuff with you which will come back as it is, causing problems of weight on the way. Carrying wet wipes instead of too many soaps, face washes and cleansers is a better idea. Also, travelling requires energy; make sure you carry iron and other supplements with you to keep you strong and rejuvenated.

Many people dislike travelling just because they do not like the phase of packing. If you learn how to do efficient packing and are ready to make hard choices, you can develop love for travelling.


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