Camper Trailer, Caravan or Motor-home. What’s best?

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Here are some things to consider if you a looking to do some extensive travelling with either a camper trailer or caravan.

There are different types of camper trailers you can travel with. A flip-over camper mostly has a sealed hard top when travelling and opens to the rear to become the floor which is suspended off the ground on legs. Soft floors tents are set up usually by removing the soft vinyl tonneaux cover, pulling the canvas out & extending the internal frame. A wind up with a hard floor and roof like a Jayco Swan. Some have beds that come out the ends. The interior is then similar to a caravan.

PROS of a camper trailer
Generally cheaper than caravans.
Lighter to tow, consumes less fuel and not as slow as caravans.
Safer to tow – more vision to see out the back.
Closer to nature with the canvas roofing and sides – more open so natural air can enter.
Easier to store.
Can access more off-road locations due to size.

CONS of a camper trailer
Time-consuming to set up.
Lack of storage space means cramped living and fewer conveniences
More gaps, means more bugs keeping you awake at night
No amenities. You don’t have your own toilet or shower when campsite amenities are filthy
Less privacy as the walls are canvas and easy to look through.
Less storage – small bar fridge, limited cupboard space!
Can’t pull over on long drives and have instant access to the interior.
Dust easier to enter.

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes. Do your research to decide on what brand, size, and floorplan suits you.

PROS of a caravan
Much less set up and pack up time!
More storage space to have everything in place / full fridge, so no need to set it all up when you arrive in a new place again.
Can pull over the side of the road and you’re ready to sleep, or you can grab yourself a cuppa
Easier to be self-sufficient.
A bit more luxury with air-con, TV’s, and separate bedrooms and bathrooms (you can go even more lux with some!)
Fewer cracks and screen doors keep the critters and dust out.

CONS of a caravan
More expensive.
Heavier to tow – meaning a potentially bigger and more expensive vehicle.
Less access to certain areas, caravan parks.
Harder to park in town and store.
Sleeping in your vehicle

A motorhome can be a great option to travel around Australia in. Like a caravan, set up is minimal, just plug in and relax! The only problem is the home is also your vehicle, so you can never quite fully get set up for a few days in one spot. When it comes time to explore, you’ll have to pack a few things away to drive to town or to your activity. That is unless you’re super organised and don’t have a lot of stuff.

An Expanda is kind of a cross between a caravan and a camper trailer. Just a small part of the roof pops up and they have wind out beds. It’s less set up than a camper trailer.
Best vehicles for travelling around Australia?

So what do you do with your camper or caravan when you are not travelling. Why not rent it out and earn money for that next holiday.


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