Breathe New Life into Your Rental Home

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Living in a rental home can make you yearn for some changes inside your four walls, but you can’t do much without the landlord’s consent. Still, there are some little details that can make a big difference.

Make more space

In case you are living in a small apartment, then you know what it’s like to face big challenges. How to separate one room into two smaller ones without upsetting your landlord? If you love to read, your first choice should be a bookshelf. Place it between your room and the dining table and after you put all the books you have on it, you can also find some space on the shelves for beautiful, decorative figures, small lamps and framed photos.

In case you desire more privacy, then consider getting a folding screen. Make sure that you get one with casters so that you can easily move it around your apartment. If the walls of your home are in some bland tone, then get yourself a colorful folder screen. It will add so much brightness and character to your living space.

Pamper your feet

You can’t stand to look at, not to mention walk across that awful flooring and your landlord shows no signs of changing it? There is a simple solution for that – cover it! You are the one who should decide whether you will cover the entire floor with some lovely carpet or with a few rugs. But, just imagine how grateful your feet will be once you get home from spending quite some time on the metro driving through Sydney – you cross the threshold, take off those uncomfortable shoes and walk across a soft carpet or rug. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

See the world in a new light

It can often happen that you are not happy with that outdated lighting on the ceiling. Even though living in Australia means that you get plenty of sunshine, i.e. natural light inside your home, it just isn’t enough. Once the night falls over the Land Down Under, you need to turn on the light and it just gives you the creeps when you see that bulb without anything around it on the ceiling.

If your landlord allows you to make some changes about it, even drill some holes, and you have some savings, then invest in installing some LED lights, buying a new chandelier or replacing that glass ceiling light with a pendant lamp. Consult with an expert electrician from Parramatta in case you want to install light dimmers or additional sockets because that’s how you will invest not only in the brightness of your home but also in your safety.

Kitchen updates

Kitchens in rental apartments can often look like they are from another century and the most problematic things are the cabinets.

If your landlord allows you to paint a bit around the place, then splash some color on the cabinet doors, not just on the walls. You can also settle for temporary wallpapers that will cover those ugly cabinet doors. Still not satisfied? Take down those doors and put them somewhere where they won’t be damaged so that you can place them back on if the landlord starts to grumble about it. Then put the most colorful plates and cups you have in opened cabinets. Functionality? Check! Decoration? Check! Creativity? Check!

Plant some edible herbs and spices in colorful jars and place them on the windowsill in the kitchen. They will add more color with their leaves and will make every meal you make more delicious. Fresh spices? Yum!

There are so many landlord-friendly changes you can bring into your rental apartment. You can’t go wrong with hanging some artwork or bringing in a few plants, but be sure to get your landlord’s permission before you go tearing down the walls!

by Diana Smith

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