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How It Works

We will issue the voucher to you for free.

Once you receive the voucher you will have 24 months to use the voucher from activation.

You will be required to pay a resort tax of up to $35 per night.

However, there will be no further charges for the room, other than what you use from the minibar, etc.


We have 3 options to choose from. 

Dining Vouchers: These can only be used in the USA and Canada.

Hotel Savings Cards: Provide you up to USD$100 of your next hotel booking.

Accommodation Vouchers: Choose from one of the many locations below for 2 - 7 nights.


All vouchers have their own terms and conditions of use.

Australia Locations

Asia Pacific Locations

North America Locations

Europe Locations

The Terms & Conditions Only Relate To Hotel & Dining Vouchers Issued By AirRentalz.


AirRentalz is a distributor and marketer of holiday and hotel accommodation on behalf of hotels/resorts and home hosts.
Seperate to the accomodation provider AirRentalz at times will issue those who book through the AirRentalz platform complimentary hotel savings and accommodation voucher and/or dining vouchers refered to as "vouchers" going forward.
The issue of vouchers is an activity conducted by AirRentalz soley and is not associated in any way whatsover with the hotel/resort or host accommodation services.
All vouchers issued have their own seperate terms and conditions as issued by the provider of the vouchers. AirRentalz is soley a distributor and in no way is directly assocaited with the service providers.
All fees and charges by the issuers are in $USD. There is a $7.50 cost to activate dining vouchers. There is no cost to activate the hotel savings cards.
There is a cost to activate the accommodation vouchers which range from $20 - $60 per night depending on the location. Once activated you will pay the activation fee.
Following the activation of the accommodation voucher by redeem vacations you will then have 18 months to book the accomodation.
Dining vouchers are issed by Dining Guru.
Hotel Savings cards are issued by BookVIP.
Hotel accommodation vouchers are issued by Reedem Vacations.