Best Cities in Australia for Older Adults

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For many people over certain age, the decision about where to go doesn’t come easy but of all the places one might choose, Australia is the one that offers beautiful places all over its great southern land. Four of its cities keep topping the lists of world’s most liveable cities and they all share the qualities that are very attractive to older adults, such as pleasant climate, great infrastructure, rich cultural attractions and lots of outdoor activities.


If you love your beach retreats to come with fine wine, then Adelaide in South Australia should be your first choice. It’s considered as Australia’s wine capital and proudly sits at number 5 on the world’s list of the most liveable cities. As for the price of living, Adelaide has come significantly down, from 34th to 59th place in the global rankings and it’s far less expensive as the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

With a population of 1.2 million people, of which a quarter is over the age of 55, it’s a senior-friendly city that also offers an abundance of fun events peaking in Mad March, the time of the year when the weather is almost perfect.


Moving to the east coast, there’s Sydney with its iconic Sydney Opera House and the beautiful sands of Bondi Beach. It’s also Australia’s biggest city and an Asia-Pacific financial centre and as such, it has attracted a vastly diverse population from all over the world, never failing to impress with its cultural scene and culinary masterpieces.

For the enjoyment of the older citizens, it’s genuinely one of the most liveable cities with its subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. It also offers quite high quality of living but not at the price it once did, dropping from number 9 to number 26 in the most recent surveys on the cost of living.

For those seniors who are looking for the most affordable and carefree option for living, becoming a part of a retirement community is an excellent choice. As a part of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Mark Moran Vaucluse retirement homes have all the best to offer: ocean views on the east side, remarkable garden vistas and harbour views on the west, 24-hour medical care, a concierge and top security service. Apartments are affordable and designed to accommodate its residents’ specific needs in order to assure their wellbeing and content.


From its humble beginnings in the 19th century during the gold rush, Melbourne has continually grown as the country’s financial centre, seaport and cultural hub. It boasts a spectacular location on the beautiful natural bay of Port Phillip at the southernmost part of the continent and a climate that’s not as moderate as in other parts. Bear in mind that the seasons are reversed Down Under, so you’ll be enjoying hot summers in December and probably freezing during the winter days in mid-July!

Around 30 smaller towns belong to the Melbourne metro area, with a population of about 4.4 million and a wide range of housing options, from modern high-rises to traditional Victorian houses and unpretentious beach houses. With the cost of living dropping on the global rankings from the 33rd place to the 16th, you’ll have no problem finding something that suits your style and budget.


Perth, located on the Indian Ocean coast, has settled in the 9th position in the list of the world’s most liveable cities. Being quite remote from other large cities, it still has a lot to offer: the famous pink lake, black swans on Swan River and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as cycling, walking, horse riding, scuba diving, fishing, whale watching and beach lolling. For older adults who prefer an active life in nature to the noisy life in urban cities, Perth is an excellent choice.

Whatever your preferences may be, make sure you do the research, weigh all the pros and cons, and eventually visit these cities before you make your final decision on where you’ll spend your golden years.

by Lillian Connors

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