AirRentalz – A New and Easy Way to Rent and Swap your Place

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AirRentalz is an online platform designed to help people in need of property (houses/apartments) and mobile homes (trailers/rv’s/motorhomes/camper trailers) by allowing users to rent and swap them in the one place. The platform has come in as an alternative to other such service providers like Airbnb, however, with a unique twist.

The internet has helped in solving many of the challenges faced by millions of people across the globe. One of such challenges is mobility, with the other common challenge being accommodation. While there are several service providers using the power of technology to solve these problems, AirRentalz is offering a new way to deliver a simple and easy to use service for renting and swapping property and mobile accommodation spaces.

AirRentalz is particularly different due to its features and benefits, which make it a unique service provider in the industry. In addition to being the first of such platforms to allow people to rent their property, AirRentalz also allows users to list their property for exchange. One of the key benefits of house swapping is that it can significantly reduce the costs of your accommodation. We think this compliments our service offering for both hosts and guests.

AirRentalz is different in a number of ways. Firstly, the business model is based upon a flat annual fee and not on commission. This can bring your cost down significantly. Commission vary for 3% to 5% so if you are renting your property every week with an average income of $750 per week you can be paying anywhere from $1,100 to $1,950 per year in commission.

AirRentalz offers 3 plans ranging from $120 to $220 per year. When compared to $1,100, that can be a significant saving which could be used towards your next holiday. How our hosts are paid is another difference. Most of the other service providers have the guests pay them and then they pay you. Hosts don’t have total control of their money. With AirRentalz, the host agrees with the guest the method of payment and the timing of the payment. This allows the host to built trust with the guests and also gives the host control over when they need to be paid. With so many ways to be paid including, direct deposit, credit card, Paypal and other systems it just makes it a more flexible for both parties.

AirRentalz is making it cheaper for guests to book accommodation also. We do not charge your guests a booking fee to rent your place. This makes it cheaper for your guests which can only benefit the host with a few more bookings.

When listing with AirRentalz, we offer a few different options. As noted above there are 4 plans. We offer a free listing to start out. This will have photos and details about the property. Our Standard plan is $120 per year and has all the usual features and information that would be expected including property details, amenities, features and house rules etc.

The Premium plan offers this plus a few additional features. Firstly, we allow hosts to present a video within their listing. We also understand the power of social media so we also include your social media icons within the profile. This will help hosts integrate their listing with their social media activity.

The other reason for social media inclusion is to allow hosts and guest to build trust and have transparency. The features like Facebook messenger, its just making things a little easier to communicate. We are about creating flexibility and not binding users to use the one system of communication. While it maybe a concern for some, our research indicates this is not problem in this day and age.

To create an even greater experience for guest and also offer a better service offering for hosts, you can also incorporate the marketing of other businesses within your profile listing. This allows you to partner with local businesses and potentially earn extra income. More importantly, it will provide a greater experience for your guests. As a guest, having a few local restaurants and attractions presented to you just makes it that little bit easier when deciding where to eat or what to do when you get there. AirRentalz is about providing the best experience for guests and hosts.

For those hosts who want to stand out, we also offer our Premium Plus service that allow you to design your own landing page for your place or space. This allows you to change the layout, size of pictures, and color schemes to name a few things.

Other features offered including promoting your property via our Facebok page and via EDM’s and connecting hosts to professionals who can assist with cleaning and linen services plus photography. We can also connect you to tour operators and advise your guests of local attractions and activities.

Do you have a property on Airbnb or another site? AirRentalz will include a link in your AirRentalz profile to your existing listing. This will allow your guests to view your property history until you begin to grow your following with AirRentaz.

AirRentalz is making it easier and more affordable to rent your place or space.


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