7 Ways to Give Your Rental Property a Dream Bathroom

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Everyone has a different vision of what their dream bathroom should have, and no matter if you’re working with a small or capacious space, there are numerous wonderful design and decor solutions to bring your vision to life. Here are several interesting things that will create a dream bathroom and bring your rental property to life.

A to-die-for shower design

Perhaps one of the most desirable features in an upscale bathroom is the ability to take a quick shower if you’re pressed for time, or a long rejuvenating bath if you’re not. This is why having a beautiful shower and a bathtub is a wonderful way maintain balance, peace, and daily positivity. This is also a great opportunity to explore unique shower designs. Consider everything from showerheads and plumbing, to shower doors, flooring, and walls. What aesthetic feature speaks to you most?Is it the ornate aqua blue tile wall, the sleek overhead shower, or the French glass door? You can also consider introducing beautiful architectural features such as a walk-in shower with a medium-rise wall that also serves as a shelf for all of your bathing necessities.

A beautiful freestanding bath

Arguably, freestanding baths are the pinnacle of class and elegance in a bathroom, and they are growing wildly popular across the globe because of their sleek aesthetics and undeniable functionality. And they can single-handedly elevate the aesthetic appeal of the entire room. Freestanding baths come in various shapes and sizes, and you can consider a sloping, rectangular, or even oval design, centered near the far wall of your bathroom, creating a beautiful focal point. Alternatively, you can go with a more historic French look and position your bathtub in the center of the room, creating a feeling of spaciousness and luxury.

The perfect flooring

When it comes to designing a dream bathroom, flooring will play a vital role in bringing the desired decor scheme to life and setting the mood of the entire room. While you might feel tempted to go with the traditional tile or vinyl approach, there are more contemporary options out there. In order to lift up a bathroom design, consider gracing the floor with beautiful decorative concrete and internal heating for increased comfort. Not only are modern concrete designs aesthetically pleasing and unique, they are also efficient in preserving heat and work wonderfully with plush accent rugs positioned at the bathtub, the shower, and the vanity.

Ornate cabinetry

Speaking of vanities, every bathroom needs them, but the design of your particular piece can set the entire room apart from every other. Instead of going for the traditional wooden design, you can consider contemporary styles, shapes, features, colors, and finishes. The possibilities are endless, ranging from rustic and quaint, modern and elegant, all the way to futuristic and chic. Grand mirrors and layered lighting. In a beautiful bathroom, lighting is everything. This is the place where your tenants will be getting ready for work in the morning and an exciting night out in the evening, and therefore the reflection in the mirror needs to be perfectly illuminated. So consider adding a grand pendant in the middle of the room, but don’t stop there. You can also add coned lighting on the walls and all around the mirrors hanging over the vanity.

Elegant storage

No matter the size of the bathroom, storage always seems to be a thing that’s always lacking. Does your bathroom have storage problems as well? In that case, consider all of the little nooks and crannies around the room where you can add knitted baskets, mount shelves, and even introduce sliding storage units. When everything else fails, you can always go vertical!

Windows and skylights

Finally, a dream bathroom requires plenty of natural light in order to radiate peace and positivity. If you want to achieve this feeling, consider adding a skylight over the bathtub and introducing windows with high permeability in order to let as much sunshine into the room as possible. Creating a beautiful, dreamy bathroom that would elevate the aesthetic appeal of your rental property while bringing comfort, functionality and serenity together as well doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Just consider introducing these simple features and design the bathroom that your tenants will adore.


by Chloe Taylor

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