5 Tips for Designing Your New Granny Flat

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If you, like many other Australians, have decided to build a granny flat in your backyard, there are many design ideas you can go for. What’s so great about constructions like this is that no matter how small they are, there are still plenty of design opportunities. A granny flat is a great way to bring in additional income if you rent your flat. However, if you don’t’ know where to start with designing your new granny flat, here are 5 tips you might want to take a closer look at.

Make your bathroom spacious

Just because your granny flat is small, it doesn’t mean that you need to make the bathroom in it small as well. In fact, it’s recommended that you make it as spacious as the bathroom in your home. That way, you’ll have enough space for all the important bathroom fixtures. Moreover, there will be more storage space for things like towels and shower creams. Adding a tiny bathroom window is also a good idea.

Go for an open floor plan

Another great thing to do when designing your granny flat is to opt for an open floor plan, since this can help maximize the usage of space. This means you should have the kitchen, dining room and living room in your granny flat merged. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t establish zones in it. This is something that can easily be done by placing your furniture and rugs strategically.

Use the right colours

With most granny flats being tiny, it’s a good idea to use colors to create an illusion of spaciousness. This means you’ll want to stick to bright colours, since they can help you make the entire place lighter. If you’re not sure which colours you should go for, we recommend taking a look at different shades of white, gray and beige. If you want to add an extra colour into your palette, it’s recommended that you go for light blue or vibrant orange.

Opt for two bedrooms

Sticking to a single bedroom when designing your granny flat isn’t necessarily a good idea. Even though this does help you save space, you might need more than one bedroom when you’re having guests over. Therefore, when planning your new granny flat, you should try to include two bedrooms in it. Of course, there are granny flat builders in Sydney who will be able to provide you with two-bedroom granny flat designs.

5 Tips for Designing Your New Granny Flat

Combine the outdoors with the indoors

Erasing the boundary between the inside of your granny flat and your backyard can really make it look amazing. The key here is to install glass sliding doors that will create that harmonious look you’re going for. Of course, if you want to block the view from the street or the neighboring homes, you can opt for frosted glass sliding doors. You might also want to add screen doors, just to prevent bugs from getting inside.

It seems like we keep seeing more and more Australians building granny flats in their backyards. Do this, and not only will you have a perfect place for having guests over but you’ll also add value to your home in case you ever decide to sell it. And with 5 design tips we mentioned above, there will be nothing stopping you from designing a granny flat that many people dream of.

by Amelia Atkins

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