5 Easy Tricks to Give Your Rental Property an Industrial Flair

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The industrial style has been popular for quite some time now and this seems like a great opportunity to introduce it into your rental property as well. The best thing about this style is that it won’t overwhelm your place since its main features are simplicity, the use of basic materials and the lack of any excess ornamentation and accessories. Additionally, the raw feel of the industrial design is in a nice contrast with a regular homey atmosphere and it will make any house look contemporary and stylish. Let’s give it a try!

1. Go for an open plan

First things first, an open floor plan and a high ceiling, which are usually found in warehouses and factories, are some of the main characteristics of the industrial design. So, if you’re not sure where to begin, knocking down a few walls would be a great start. We guarantee you that doing this won’t be a mistake since the open floor concept has proven to be extremely successful and more and more homeowners are willing to incorporate it into their properties. Not only does it make the space seem larger, but it lets the air and light flow around, allowing the tenants to breathe easily and not to feel claustrophobic and suffocated.

2. Exposed brick walls are a must

There is no better way to give your home a real industrial flair than by opting for exposed brick walls. The best thing about them is that even if you leave them completely bare and devoid of any accessories, they’ll still look interesting and absolutely exciting. On top of that, their natural brownish nuance can be easily combined with the rest of the décor and it’ll help you create a nice, cohesive look. Of course, if you can’t imagine living in a house with no wall art, feel free to hang a couple of paintings. We would suggest opting for some simple solutions such as monochromatic graphics that you can either introduce in a group of several pictures or simply go for one oversized piece.

3. Redesign your bathroom

For the strongest effect, you need to pay close attention to each and every room in your home including the bathroom. For instance, you can start by investing in an industrial-inspired basin mixer tap which is designed to resemble the ancient valve structure but is, at the same time, adjusted to fit a modern household. Moreover, you don’t want to keep your bathroom overcrowded since the key to achieving the industrial design is spaciousness and accessibility. So, instead of buying a huge bathtub, think about opting for one of the amazing small baths that will be super practical and add a finishing touch to your bathroom’s interior.

4. Choose colours carefully

No matter what style you opt for, you must choose colours very carefully in order to be certain that you’ll strike the right overall mood. For example, if you have set your heart on the industrial design, an accent pink hue will be completely out of place. Instead, you should stick to more neutral tones, especially different shades of grey that will perfectly match all the metal elements which are essential for pulling off this kind of look. Of course, once you’ve incorporated steel, aluminium and iron into your interior, feel free to balance it out with a few wooden pieces as well. This combination may seem a bit paradoxical at first glance, but we can assure you that it will bring some warmth into your house and sweep all your guests off their feet.

5. There is no such thing as too much stainless steel

Last but not least, if you’re an avid cook or simply enjoy trying out new recipes with your family, you will definitely want your kitchen area to look as fabulous as any other part of your home. In other words, instead of interrupting the flow of the design, go industrial here as well. First, you can add custom-made steel cabinets that will become a true focal point. Their glow will attract everybody’s attention and make your kitchen look truly glamorous. You just need to install quality ambient lighting that will accentuate their beauty even further. Finally, the industrial style is all about practical choices so don’t forget to come up with smart storage solutions and keep your pantry well-organised. We would definitely recommend you to start labelling your groceries and storing them in special plastic containers so that you always know where to look when you need something. You can also install a few extra drawers to store all your washcloths and runners.

As you can see, redesigning your rental property to achieve that characteristic industrial look is a piece of cake. You just need to let your imagination run wild and come up with original, innovative decor ideas. We wish you a lot of luck with your remodelling project.

by Chloe Taylor

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