Do Not Overpay For a Hotel Room

Forward Your Existing Hotel Reservation To Us and Get a Better Deal

Hotel prices change even after reservations are made.

Now you can book a hotel room (with a free cancellation policy) on any website and we will inform you if the price drops so you can re-book the same room at a lower price.


How It Works

Book a Hotel

Book a hotel room with a free cancellation policy, using any website (, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Agoda, etc.)

Send Us Your Booking

Email AirRentalz your booking confirmation for the hotel room reservation to us at

Save Money or Better Room

When we find you a better price, we will email you and you can re-book the same room for a lower price or choose a better room for the same price.

Save Money On Your Hotel Reservations

You are Always a Winner

If we can't get you a better deal, we will give you a hotel voucher for your next trip.


Let Us Do The Work For You

Let AirRentalz scan the web and get you a better deal.

Why Use The Service

Book On Any Website

Risk Free

24/7 Price Monitoring

No Credit Card

Save Money

Zero Fees

Hotel Room Rates Change Frequently

Almost 40% of hotel reservations experience a change in the room rate even after a reservation is was made.

You can now save money for your next vacation, no matter what service you use to book a hotel room.